We study by AI natural phenomenons which are complex. We try to simplify them by mathematics, simple model. As in art, maybe the beauty of a design remains into its simplicity. This quest of simplicity is linked to our quest of explainability and understanding. Simplicity is universally understood.
Architecture, Design, Mathematics, Computer sciences, Bioacoustics, Music, are driven somtimes by this same aim of simplicity.
In this way,  we collaborate to the elaboration of several art shows and publications towards music and bioacoustics.
For example with Phd student Maxence Mercier, compositor, 
we designed “Dynimax” to explore bioacoustical patterns : 
We presented also 40 minutes of 3D undersea compositions to Chateau Vallon and Liberté Theaters in Toulon in Passion Bleue organized by Charles Berling in 2022 2023, some in collaboration with Eleanor Mercier.
We made a show with M. Mercier in Jardin du Rayol in 2022 festival.
More recently in Reims M. Mercier produced his spectacle :
“Underwater Hidden Sound Life
Installation sonore immersive,

at  Césaré FARaway, Festival des Arts à Reims

H. Glotin also collaborates into  the One Song One Ocean show shown in YouTube, Arles Festival 2023 etc.
It is programmed for the OceanSummit 2025, Nice, France.

Université de Toulon – Campus de La Garde – Bat X
CS 60584
83041 Toulon Cedex 9


Tel : +33 (0)4 94 14 28 33

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