In 2024, CIAN joins MathAData : the Maths by Natural Experimentation. (

MathAData develops data sciences from high school to doctorat. 
Therefore CIAN builds a datachallenge on superpredators discrete calls from arctic to tropic : the challengers will have to automatically recognize the species

CIAN teams teaches bioacoustics ans AI in several masters of University of Toulon since 2016:

– Biology Master, Sciences and Sea, M1 and M2

– Marine Intelligence Robotics, Mundus MIR

– ROC master in Robotics M1 and M2 (to become RISE)

– Computer Science, DID master (to become Math-informatics)

CIAN runs also summer or winter schools in AI for Bioacoustics:

– Bioacoustical Winter School, each winter in St Etienne, France

CIAN ERMITES Summer school :16th to 18th of May 2024, La Garde Campus, University of Toulon, France
This CIAN summer school is the 11th ERMITES summer school ( 

It will focus into the automatic learning of efficient representations of hudge bioacoustic data set in order to reveal their intrinsic natural phenomenons. 
It will take place on 16th to 18th of May 2024in La Garde Campus, University of Toulon, Var, France. It is surrounded by shady forest areas with birds and bats, and at 10km from the sea.
It includes 16 sessions, from theory to practice, and a project, for a total eq. of 30 hoursIt will demonstrate and teach main basic AI methodologies for managing large complex bioacoustical data sets. The meaningfuls are thus how to inspect and to learn the regularities or outliers of the varieties hidden in hundreds of GB of bioacoustic data. Our framework is based on basic Python methods, illustrated on a set of real data from our advanced marine ant terrestrial recordings. 
Each student will have access at any time in school to a personal Linux computer terminal with data and python access. The usage of linux and python will be simplified to the very basics. 
The course will welcome a total of 32 students in two levels into two professional computer rooms.
Registration at CIAN ERMITES is free, accommodation and meals are at the discretion of the student except a buffet and coffee breaks that are offered.
It is open to any academic student from L1 to post-doctorate in biology, math, physics or computer sciences. No required preliminary skills, except a basic level in sciences.
Preliminary program :  


Your application shall be sent to with your CV (1 page .pdf) plus a one-page .pdf cover letter. Registrations are open from now until the 32 students are selected.

Université de Toulon – Campus de La Garde – Bat X
CS 60584
83041 Toulon Cedex 9


Tel : +33 (0)4 94 14 28 33

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